Fitting and Demo Day in Rajszew!

13 May 2019

On June 28th, 2019 all the competitors of the 18th Annual Eurobuild CEE Golf Tournament will be offered a fitting service for PING golf clubs. It will also be a Demo Day for Garmin’s Approach G80 device, which you can use for one round of the tournament. This is the first high-class handheld golf GPS device with an integrated launch monitor. By using its radar technology, the speed of the club’s head, the speed of the ball, the effectiveness of the strike as well as the distance of the shot can easily be monitored to help you to improve your technique and understanding of the tactics of the game.
All of this has been made possible as a result of our cooperation with Golf Help and Golf Guru, who will also be providing some of the prizes for the winners of the tournament.
And what else should you expect on this day? Follow the news on our website and on our Facebook page.

22nd Annual Eurobuild Golf Tournament
First Warsaw Gold & Country Club
Golfowa 44, Rajszew, 05-110, Jabłonna