Clubs, a cart, the right gear and the right shoes – and an umbrella just in case. Don’t miss out on the 17th Eurobuild CEE Golf Tournament!

7 March 2018

The Eurobuild CEE Golf Tournament is one of the most popular social events on the commercial real estate calendar. This is a networking event organised by Eurobuild Conferences for those employed in fields connected with the real estate and construction markets, as well as for friends of Eurobuild. The golf tournament always generates a great deal of excitement – it combines a passion and love for the sport as well as healthy sporting and business rivalry. The Eurobuild tournament is to take place on June 29th and once again will be held at the First Warsaw Golf club in Rajszew, on the northern outskirts of the city. We invite you to sign up for the event, where you can expect to face players from previous tournaments, or, if you would like to take their first steps in this discipline, training classes for amateurs will be provided, which are a great opportunity to learn some of the basic techniques.
For advanced players the tournament will consist of an eighteen-hole round. Meanwhile, the beginners, along with classes with a qualified instructor, will be able to take part in such competitions as the longest drive and the nearest to the pin.
After a full day of we will move on for the after-party, where over a drink and a bite to eat you will be able talk over what happened on the golf course and on the tennis courts (the 13th Eurobuild Tennis Tournament will also take place on the same day). This will feature an attractive evening’s programme for all those who have taken part in the event. As usual, the evening will have a special theme. Each year we try to immerse our guests in a different atmosphere: we’ve already had a Hawaiian party, a country & western night as well as a 1950s/60s party. What will it be this time? Watch this space to find out!

22nd Annual Eurobuild Golf Tournament
First Warsaw Gold & Country Club
Golfowa 44, Rajszew, 05-110, Jabłonna