Let’s rock it!

16 April 2019

We always try to make sure that the evening party after the golf and tennis tournaments is a very special experience for all the guests. In the past we’ve had a country style party, a pin-up party, a red party … but now the time has come to rock the house down at our ROCK PARTY.

The live sounds will be provided by K.A.C., a young, talented and energetic group who from the very beginning set themselves one clear goal – to resurrect the Polish rock scene. They leapt to fame after their vocalist Maksymilian Kwapień was a contestant on the TV show ‘The Voice of Poland’. His unique voice stunned the jurors and won over the audience, earning him a place in the final of the show.


During the after-party such rock classics as Sweet Child of Mine, Highway to hell, Whisky in the Jar, Smoke on the Water and many more will all be played. In addition to those hits, the band will be performing their own songs, which – as they themselves put it – are deeply influenced by Californian hard-rock. Take a look at their latest video. They sound pretty good, don’t they?

So it’s time to get out of your starchy office suits and put on your jeans, leathers and studs!

22nd Annual Eurobuild Golf Tournament
First Warsaw Gold & Country Club
Golfowa 44, Rajszew, 05-110, Jabłonna