Painting the town red

24 May 2018

The evening party is the finale of the golf and tennis tournaments. All those who have taken part will be invited to Fort Sokolnickiego in Warsaw’s Żoliborz district for the ‘Red After-Party’. Your ticket to the event will be the red outfit you wear to it. A red dress and red shoes would be the perfect ensemble for the ladies, while a red tie/bow tie, a red shirt and red trousers will be de rigueur for the gentlemen. We encourage everyone to wear crimson, shocking scarlet, juicy raspberry, ripe cherry or deep burgundy colours.
The results of the tournament will, as usual, be announced during the event and the winners will presented with their statuettes and prizes. The awards sponsors of the golf tournament include A&A (Tkalnia Centrum Pabianic), Komu Group, Golf Guru, Golf Point, Grupa Mars (Masters golf) and Centrum Golf. Prizes in the tennis tournament have been provided through the sponsorship of A&A, Amazing, Compressport, and Strefa Tenisa, Sun&Snow.

22nd Annual Eurobuild Golf Tournament
First Warsaw Gold & Country Club
Golfowa 44, Rajszew, 05-110, Jabłonna